Our combined experience in marketing, company branding, follow up programs and client retention is here to help you make the best decisions.

Made in America

This website is dedicated to things made in America. We understand that in supporting locally manufactured and sourced products we make a difference.

Curated for Convenience

We haven’t put all things made in America on this website, we have gone through and found our favorite options so you can buy in confidence.

Promotional Logo'd Gear

What we do is create memorable experiences for you to give to your clients, whether a follow up program or client appreciation these products work.


Meet the Bravo Team!

Haines Maxwell

Head Cheerleader
Haines Maxwell has been a leader in the branding world going back to the days when cattle were the only recipients of a brand. From custom apparel to professional sports giveaways Haines says “It’s really about results…about impact. If your thought is ‘I just want to put my logo on a bunch of crapola’…save your money.”

Chad Smith

Chief Bottle Washer
Chad is Blue Sky, always looking for solutions and opportunities to help clients. Growing up in rural Midland, NC instilled in him the deep importance of family and a focused work ethic. He has an entrepreneur’s heart and his job experience has provided a deep knowledge of marketing and management.

Mark Bond

Direct Response Specialist
“License To Kill. . .Boring Marketing!" Mark believes the worst marketing sin you can commit is to be boring! To “Kill” (eliminate) client’s boring marketing Mark’s secret weapon is blending his 25 years in the promotional marketing world with proven targeted direct response methods.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order just a single item from the site?

This site is setup for companies to locate American Made items that they can use in their marketing, client retention, follow up programs, trade show engagement, and employee retention programs. So no in most cases you will need to order a minimum amount (minimums differ with each product) typically starting in that 12-24 range for more expensive items and going all the way to pens where the minimum may be 250 pieces.

Can I order directly from the website?

You cannot place an order directly from the website but you can assemble a list of items you would like to receive a quote on and we will follow up with the prices. When you’re ready to order we will help you assemble the required decoration artwork. Bravo will work with you on any required changes then follow through on the whole process with updates and delivery dates.

How can I pay for the order?

BravoUSA accepts payment by credit card or check. We will invoice you for the items you order and depending on how you are set up we can invoice your company and supply terms for payment.

what if I want to buy items other than these on the Made in America site?

Bravo Marketing Agency has relationships with thousands of companies throughout the world. We can find and source almost any product you’re looking for. So make sure to check with us, we can assemble a catalog full of options for you and send it over by email or we can schedule a meeting at our showroom and take you through all your options.

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